The association for quantum technologies in Austria

Building a strong community, we want to make Austria one of the
leading nations in the industrial application of quantum technologies.
We are bringing top-class research into practice and paving the way to a highly developed Austrian quantum future.

Our Vision

Establishing an Austrian Quantum Community

Quantum Connect is a not-for-profit initiative that embraces the responsibility of shaping quantum technology in alignment with core European values to ensure a positive impact on society and the economy.

Community Platform

Stay up-to-date with the development of a diverse Austrian quantum community and be on track with major European steps towards becoming the ”quantum valley of the world”.

Quantum Matchmaking

Connect with quantum enthusiasts and quantum specialists from industry, academia, economics and national authorities via a “quantum LinkedIn” platform and regular in-person meetings.

Access to Quantum Cloud

Enjoy direct access to educational material, direct access to quantum use-cases and exclusive access to QMWare’s quantum simulation node.

Join the Quantum Era

Implementing quantum technology into real-life use-cases (going from “lab“ to “fab“) has gained significantly more attraction during the last years in the EU. Developing quantum technological applications requires interdisciplinary collaboration, which can be challenging for companies to achieve on their own.

Quantum Connect unites experts and industry partners on an easily accessible platform and in an association with the purpose of knowledge and technology exchange. This initiative fosters a robust quantum technology community in Austria, emphasizing collaboration among industry, academia, and research organizations. By integrating these diverse fields, Quantum Connect aims to put Austria to the forefront of quantum technology advancements.

Which future will quantum lead us into? We do not know yet, but uncertainty is exactly why we explore quantum computing!

Alexandra Waldherr

ML & Quantum Computing Enthusiast​

We can already take advantage of quantum technology in the areas of optimization and artificial intelligence.

Georg Gesek


Membership Benefits

Community Members

Association Members

Stay up to date with Austrian and major EU quantum news.

Network with quantum enthusiasts & experts on the platform & at community events

Get access to use cases, algorithms, and other educational resources

Attend regular meetups & topic-specific workshops

Get a seat on the advisory board

Gain exclusive access to our QMWare quantum simulation node

Become a sponsor

Gain increased visibility on the platform through sponsored content, a sponsor badge, and the opportunity for an exclusive interview highlighting your organization’s quantum initiatives


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